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su2015_button.jpg Better Performance and New Tools SketchUp Pro 2015 is here! With this release, SketchUp Pro offers a performance improvement and several new and improved tools.

Features: Content & Plugins Build your own tools with the SketchUp Ruby API. If you love SketchUp but have ever thought “I just wish it did ______,” there’s a good chance that the SketchUp Ruby API (Application Programming Interface) can make your wish come true.

Sketchup 2014 Now with more oomph. Everyone wants SketchUp to get faster. So Trimble tweaks the code every version to speed things up. This time, They supercharged shadows in big models and made vector rendering in LayOut more than ten times as quick.

What’s more?

Features: Presentation Dimensions and Callouts. SketchUp includes basic tools for creating linear dimensions and basic callout-style annotations right in your models.

Features: Model Organization Components are a lot like groups, but with a handy twist: copies of Components (these are called instances) are related together, so changes you make to one are automatically reflected in all the others.

Features: File Exchange Export 2D raster images. SketchUp exports TIFF, JPEG and PNG raster images up to 10,000 pixels square, so generating an image which you can send in an email, publish in a document, or project on a wall is as easy as choosing a few options and clicking Export.

Features: Context Modeling Add Location. Google Maps is built right into SketchUp. Grab site context for any place on earth. When you import an area with the Add Location tool, you get full-color aerial imagery, a 3D terrain model, and the geo-location information you need to perform accurate shadow studies.

Features: Help & Ease of Use Contextual Tool Tips & Modifiers. The lower section of every SketchUp modeling window is dedicated to a strip of helpful information about the tool or command you’re currently using.

Features: Analysis & Advanced Operations Advanced Camera Tools SketchUp Pro’s Advanced Camera Tools let you work with real-world cameras in your 3D models. SketchUp Pro comes with a collection of real camera configurations that you can use right away.

Features: 3D Modeling Accurate measurements. SketchUp is great for working fast and loose, but it's more than just a fancy electronic pencil.



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For those who may someday be wishing their system was faster at rendering because they are not going to make a deadline, I thought I'd make sure you are aware of a service that can help you get the job done..........

Their system produced what I needed in just 9 hours...I got the rendered images the next day, assembled them with what I had rendered, did the post production work, and the job was complete........ is quick to respond, knows what to do, and gets it done...keep it in mind...


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