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Useful tips

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Articles about really usefull topics.  Some come from the artlantis forums, some come from other websites. The team also takes the effort to write articles here.

See that you benefit from the knowledge.

Artlantis comes with a standard catalog. Besides that you have access to the Abvent media shop directly in Artlantis. Products you purchase in that shop will immediately appear ready for use in the Artlantis catalog.

Alas, is not the Artlantis shop. Our Artlantis media is not imported directly in the Artlantis catalog. Still you can use our media in Artlantis and it is easy.

Publishing tips.

If you have good objects you can sell them to other Artlantis users via

 Here we explain how to do this.  Francois Swanepoel asked us this question:

valentine An exercise for using textures in Artlantis

 Perhaps you didn’t know this. You can sell your own artlantis media at

grouping textures.jpg Many times you will be using multiple textures on a surface. The nicest effects can be achieved to get realistic renders is by using more than one texture.

extra buttons Before you can upload your materials you need to register as a seller.

recalc resolution.jpgDPI is a term used in the printing industry. The figure tells you how many drops of ink the printer per inch splatters on paper. It has nothing to do with the quality of the image on your screen.

rendertimes.jpg On large scenes with lots of objects my rendertimes increase heavily. What can I do about it?

copy material.jpg If you have an existing Shader applied to a surface in your 3D Preview Window that you would like to also apply to a different surface in the 3D Preview Window,



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I contacted and they helped me render parts of my animation as I rendered others and they sent it straight back to me once complete.  I would not have been able to do it without them.  Many thanks.


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